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Minutiae Break: The Mets Stiffo Rap

It was a few months ago that I referenced something here ... ...known as "The Mets Stiffo Rap," a foray into the world of creativity in lyric, by our occasional guest contributor, Barry Federovitch. It is a fitting tribute to the mediocre Met. After I waited patiently for several months, Barry finally found the verses we enjoyed so much way back when...So as I stall for time before blogging about Cameron/Nady, here is the full text of the "Mets Stiffo Rap." Feel free to sing along or contribute your own thoughts. Now Brock Pemberton can hit dat ball and Joe Nolan went o-for-them all.... If Randy Tate don't do the job then they'll be going deep on a Hank Webb lob... Look, look, it's behind Cliff Cook. Mark Bradley's the man who loves to crash and Jose Moreno can only dash. If Torre'd put Searage in the game then Alex Trevino'll take the blame.... Hey, boy! Jumpin

Most Valuable Metsie

A lot of people think it's a big deal that the Mets have never had a no-hitter in their 44-season history. I think it's a bigger deal that they've never had an MVP. The Mets have been to the postseason six times, seriously contended, but not gone a host of others (I'm counting 1970, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1990, and 1998, but you could also reference other seasons, such as 2001 and 2005 if you wish). They've had the most talented hitters, the most talented pitchers and the most clutch performers. They've had former MVPs. They've had players who left and became MVPs. They probably should have had two players who have since gone on to win MVPs (A-Rod and Vlad) were management so inclined to sign them. They've had Cy Young winners, Rookies of the Year, Gold Glove winners, and Rolaids Relief winners. But they've never had a player whom the voting sportswriters deemed the most significant. There have been some near misses, most notably on two occasions. I