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Good Friday To You

Random blogger minutiae and reminiscing from a Friday night ... * Carlos Delgado has 13 seasons of 20+ HR. How many players who have played for the Mets have managed that? Hit 20+ HR in 13+ Seasons Played for Mets at Some Point 17- Willie Mays 16- Eddie Murray 13- Carlos Delgado >> Mike Piazza, Jeff Kent and Dave Kingman each had 12 such seasons Interesting piece of trivia...the last 4 players that Carlos Delgado passed on the Mets all-time HR list (he has 82)... Cliff Floyd (81) Keith Hernandez (80) Robin Ventura (77) Rusty Staub (75) Delgado now tied with Mets Hall of Famer Tommie Agee for 16th on the team's all-time home run list. * Argenis Reyes is the 336th player to hit a HR for the Mets. He and Jose Reyes have now combined for 57 home runs. By the way, the club record for most HR by 2 players sharing the last name- 202 by Howard (192) and Lance Johnson (10). * I know Mike Pelfrey's numbers are going to be all the rage on Saturday, but let's look at how much his

Look Who's Number 1

reminder: A walk-up win is a win in which the winning runs are scored in the bottom of the 8th inning. * Walk-up win number 167 was the Mets 3rd walk-up win of the season and their second this month. The last was on July 11 against the Rockies (Damion Easley HR). * Carlos Delgado got his first walk-up RBI since August 30, 2005, when he had a two-run go-ahead triple off Ray King in the bottom of the eighth inning, giving the Marlins a 6-5 lead against the Cardinals. The Marlins would win the game, 7-6. * This was the 11th Mets walk-up win against the Phillies. They had one last year, April 9, 2007, in which the go-ahead run scored on Geoff Geary's 8th inning wild pitch. * It was the first Mets walk-up win in which the go-ahead hit was a double since Roberto Alomar had a go-ahead double in the eighth inning against the Phillies on July 11, 2002. * Oliver Perez had 12 strikeouts. Only 2 other Mets LEFTHANDERS have struck out 12+ Phillies in a game- Sid Fernandez (twice- 1985 and 1990)

At The Heart of the Omission

So apparently the Mets and Nikon have teamed up to honor the 10 greatest moments at Shea Stadium, allowing fans to pick from a ballot of 75 choices. Granted, we're not going to have agreement (nor accuracy, based on preliminary research by another blogger...and we may examine that at another time) on every choice for ballot inclusion, but there were a couple of decisions made that seem ridiculous without the benefit of explanation. Nikon inclusion: 1981 Season: The Home Run Apple Hat "arrived" before the 1981 campaign. My take: I'm not a "Save The Apple" diehard, but I appreciate it for the fan-friendly being that it is. It is included however, at the expense of ignoring Tom Seaver's return to Shea Stadium on Opening Day, 1983. Nikon inclusion: June 13, 1997 - First Interleague game at Shea: The Red Sox down the Mets 8-4, with 44,443 in attendance. My take: I would bet that if you asked 100 "Beer Money" contestants which team the Mets faced in

It's 3 AM, Is your Manager Safe?

I just got finished watching the Mets latest press conference and I have to say I'm stunned. In case you missed it, here's a quick recap: Jerry Manuel, out as Mets manager. Boy that was quick. The new Mets manager is Mike Scioscia. Sandy Alomar Sr, have a happy retirement The new Mets bench coach is Kirk Gibson . Howard Johnson...see you at the 2029 Mets Hall of Fame induction. Hope you're still alive to be a part of it. The new Mets hitting coach is Terry Pendleton. Ken Oberkfell...That didn't last long. The new Mets first base coach is Brian Jordan . And wow, how about that trade? Fernando Martinez, Jonathan Niese, and future considerations for Yadier Molina . Oh, the irony. "We wanted to surround Luis Aguayo with the best possible people," said Mets general manager Omar Minaya, speaking of the only Mets coach who survived the purge. "The people around him were inhibiting his ability to be a successful third base coach. Never mind that we had two coac

Best Games I Know: Phillies

#10 ( April 28, 1984 ) Jonesing For a Win This one makes the list for purely personal reasons (see the link a few lines down), but it was a significant win in showing the Mets that they could be legitimate winners after seven straight seasons of living in loserdom. The Mets had lost three of four to the defending NL East champs prior to their meeting on this Saturday. They’d trail 3-2 in the eighth inning before rallying on a home run by Darryl Strawberry and a walk-off double from Ross Jones (his only Met hit), the first of five straight victories that would set them up for one of the most exciting seasons in Mets history. Previously written about: True Metophiles know …The next walk-off hit allowed by Al Holland came against current Mets first base coach Ken Oberkfell. #9 ( May 15, 1970 ) I’m a Be-Seaver You could probably argue that Tom Seaver’s 1970 season against the Phillies was the best by any Mets pitcher against any oppon

Didja Ever Notice: What else did he do?

Appropos of nothing, other than that I haven't written one of these in awhile. Part of our continuing series regarding Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. Other stories in the series can be found here: I just noticed that if you include the World Series in your tally, Bill Buckner played in 162 "other" games against the Mets. That is the equivalent of a full major league season. So how did he fare? Among our discoveries: * Bill Buckner had 174 hits in 623 at-bats in those "other" 162 games against the Mets, good for a .279 batting average. That's about 10 points below what he normally hit, so the Mets did a good job of keeping him in check. * Bill Buckner had 8 home runs and 55 RBI in those games against the Mets. He played at least 140 games against 9 other teams. The Mets held him to fewer RBI than any of those teams. * Of the 8 home runs that Buckner hit against the Mets, 7 gave his team the lead.

Zipper Chipper

Dear Chipper Jones, You're our Reggie Miller. You dominate us and you enjoy it. Here are your career numbers against our team. BA- .330 HR- 39 RBI- 121 Hits- 219 Games- 184 (Batting Average is 3rd-best all-time against the Mets, behind Tony Gwynn and Matty Alou) When you play against us, the Braves are 107-77. When you hit a home run against us, the Braves are 26-8. That's ridiculous. We're supposed to hate you. But you're making it harder. First, you're the subject of a really nice profile in Sports Illustrated. Then, at the All-Star Game, you start tossing bouquets to the likes of Jay Horwitz in the hopes that he'll give you something from Shea Stadium before its torn down. You note that you'll be legitimately sad to see Shea Stadium go. Really. And you go and say stupid things like this "I'm a huge David Wright fan. I mean, he's the next big thing, if he's not already there - a guy who can hit for power, average. He's got a 'Web G