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Triple, Play

The Mets have a new outfielder, and it's one who holds a major league record unlikely to be broken. Jose Reyes figures to be quite envious. Colorado newspapers are saying that Cory Sullivan signed with the Mets and we have no qualms with that move, since reports are that Sullivan has Endy Chavez-like defensive skills, and the team could use a player like that. The move did make us laugh because of the distinction that Sullivan holds. A few months back, a couple of colleagues and I were thumbing through the baseball record book, when I came upon the only active player to have two triples in an inning. I offered them 50 guesses, or even 100, to try to name the player, even offering his initials. They had no chance. Tripling twice in an inning is extraordinarily rare. When Sullivan did it , against the Padres on April 9, 2006, he became the first player with two triples in an inning since 1951 (Gil Coan, Senators), and the first National Leaguer to do so since 1926 (Curt Walker, Reds)