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Joe Torre: The Met Years

Joe Torre managed the Mets from May 31 1977 to the end of the 1981 season. I'm going to ask you some questions. The answers are in the comments section, so you can check yourself. Can you tell me, in that time period... * Who led Mets pitchers in wins? * Whose win-loss record was a paltry 8-30? * Which 3 pitchers beat the Mets the most (8 times)? * Which pitcher the Mets beat the most (10 times)? * The 2 pitchers who pitched complete game 1-hitters against the Mets? * The Met who struck out 8 in 3 2/3 innings against the 1978 Reds, yet allowed 4 home runs in the same game? * Who led the Mets in both walk-off hits and triples? * Who hit .373 against the Mets, with 20 HR and 53 RBI in 45 games? * Who the only Met was to hit 3 HR in a game? * Who were the 3 Mets who went 0-for-7 in a game?

I Plead Kielty

So a friend of mine was telling me about some message board posts he saw regarding changing the name of CitiField. I'll throw my $.02 worth of suggestions into the fray. One about "citYfield" The "Y" is capitalized as in "Y did we ever get into bed with Citigroup in the first place?" My other thought... 2Shea Say it aloud and you'll get it :) I don't know that I'm gonna get into the merits of the Oliver Perez re-signing just yet (let's just say I'm re-signed to the fact that we're stuck with him), but would prefer to focus on something of a happier note- the signing of Bobby Kielty. I like what Kielty brings to the ballpark in a couple of respects. He has a stellar walk-off history, with two home runs, a single, a sac fly, and a fielder's choice. He also has the distinction of having the best World Series record any player could possibly achieve (1 pitch faced, 1 home run, for the 2007 Red Sox). That makes