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Showing posts from October 22, 2006

To-Do List

Ok folks, I'm back in business after my time of Mets mourning, and I'm eager to get started on offseason work. Here's what I have in mind writing-wise for the next few months. * I will put the wraps on the 2006 Mets season. I will do a walk-off year in review, as I did for 2005 . I'm also dabbling with the idea of writing a more all-encompassing Mets Moments Year in Review, but I'm not sure I'm going to do that yet. I also intend to share a thought or two on what it was like to be at Game 7 (the echoes from my cries of anguish still ring in the mens room in Grand Central), and why I blame Carlos Beltran for a piece of lost luggage. I think that it will be very theraputic. * I will do a thorough examination of the Mets offseason moves and other major baseball stories that shake down this winter, with the primary objective being to provide a walk-off perspective. You may recall that I did this last winter. Some of my most popular pieces have been trade and free ag

Sometimes I'm wrong

Me, to anyone who would listen in June, July, August, September, and even early October: "The Cardinals season will end in unpleasant fashion. It is not meant to be for them." Oh well...Congrats to them! .

Our Special Bonds: 2007 World Series (answers)

Answers to the Rockies-Red Sox quiz posted October 23, 2007 Questions here: 1) Name the Mets pitcher whom Todd Helton historically crushed. There's no pitcher that Todd Helton has hit any better against than former Met (Righty) Bobby Jones. Helton went 16-for-25 against Jones with 5 home runs. That's ownership! 2) Name the Red Sox regular who hit a walk-off HR against the Mets. Former Marlin Mike Lowell homered off former Marlin Braden Looper, beating the Mets on May 29, 2004. 3) Name the former Met and Rockie against whom Manny Ramirez went 1-10 with 4 K. Bret Saberhagen , part of the Rockies last playoff push, in 1995, held his own against Manny Ramirez when the two went head-to-head, though they never faced each other when Sabes was a Met. 4) Terry Francona homered once against the Mets. Name the pitcher he homered off. Ed Lynch had the misfortune of giving up the home run to Francona in 198