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Showing posts from October 5, 2008

Orlando Magic

So word on the street, as I'm rooting for the Rays and piecing together some memories of Shea Stadium, is that Orlando Hudson wants to be a Met. Good for him. Great for us. This is an easy call. Speaking of which, the GM should be on the horn to the instructional league folks telling them to move Daniel Murphy's lesson plan from second base back to left field. Orlando Hudson's best attribute is not his .300 batting average, his .360+ on-base percentage, his ability to bunt the ball farther than Luis Castillo can hit it, nor his three Gold Gloves. The best thing about Orlando Hudson is that he's a guy who can say enough's enough, and the Mets need players like that. Why do I say that? Because Orlando Hudson has proven, through his walk-off history, that he can put an end to lengthy games. Remember the 14-inning Saturday Knight (Brandon's Mets debut) affair against the Cardinals, when Albert Pujols creamed a long home run off Aaron Heilman. It seemed that when Puj

The Final Countdown

The Mets PR staff recently e-mailed me a list of those who pulled the numbers from the outfield fence, counting down the last 81 games at Shea Stadium. I hadn't seen that list publicly, and I wanted others to be able to reference it as well, so I am publishing it here... 81 Kathy Shea Anfuso, her son-in-law Victor, and granddaughter, Michelle daughter of Bill Shea 80 Mr. Met 79 Lincoln Mercury representatives – Peter Spina and Kenneth Toscano 78 Mets Fan Club for Kids Member Alex Holmes 77 Citi Representative Michael Freiberg 76 SNY Kids Clubhouse Hosts Gabe Cohen and Caitlin Fichtel 75 Ed Charles and JRF Scholar Elizabeth Gil 74 Broadcaster Howie Rose 73 Ron Hunt, Jack Fisher and Tim Harkness 72 Longtime employee Bob Mandt 71 Jack Lang Day reps (Randy, Brian, Craig and Victoria Lang) 70 Youth Baseball Leader Bob Reid and players from the Bayside Little League 69 Laura Dyer and Amy Stack from DavisVision 68 Harry and Digit from Cyberchase 67 Sarah Drews, representing the CW11 for A