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Can We Bring Glavine Back Too???

The Yankees go out and sign Mark Teixeira. The team you root for has a counter move in mind- Andruw Jones. Same old Mets, eh? But look at it this way, at least you can taunt the Yankee fan you know that if you're gonna go get a player making $18 million+ a year, you have this advantage: Andruw Jones: 6 career walk-off home runs Mark Teixeira: 0 career walk-off home runs There's another issue in play here, and though it's 10 years in the past, I think it's best to avoid it until we're beyond the rumor-mill stage. As my father said: " I dont want to be reminded of it 160 games a year." * The truly Jonesing Mets fan knows that there are 4 surnames which have had multiple Mets with walk-off RBI. Castillo-- Alberto and Luis Hodges-- Gil and Ron Johnson-- Bob, Howard, and Lance Jones-- Cleon, Chris, and Ross So a walk-off RBI by Andruw Jones, the Met, would give the name Jones four different players with a walk-off RBI, the most among any surname.