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Frequently Asked Mets-tions

I've been getting a lot of searches from Bing and Google recently. I'm going to try to answer the questions posed by those people so that if they ever search again, they'll end up finding what they're looking for. Hopefully this will help others out as well. I'll put the newest questions on top. 11/28/2009 What happened in the Mets game on July 27, 1985? Ooh, I like this one a lot. The Mets beat the Astros in a doubleheader, 16-4, and 7-3. The highlight of the doubleheader is that in Game 1, all 16 of the Mets runs were unearned. (I was there). What Mets have hit a home run in their first at-bat? Benny Ayala (1974), Mike Fitzgerald (1983), Kaz Matsui (2004), and Mike Jacobs (2005) Does a sacrifice count in batting average? No. Did Willie Mays hit a home run off Tom Seaver? In 26 plate appearances against Seaver, he did not. Did Willie Mays hit a home run against Steve Carlton? Yes, two of them, in 75 plate appearances. He hit one for the Giants on August 23 1967 and

Figgins, He's One of a Kind

Chone Figgins is a good player, but he isn't worth mega-millions, and since the two positions he's played most in the majors are third base and center field, he's not exactly the best fit. For the record, the priority for Mets Walk-Offs this offseason is to put the team in a situation in which no player is playing a position with which he's uncomfortable. But I would take Chone Figgins on my 2010 Mets, and the story of why dates to the Angels-Astros game of June 18, 2007. The Angels (winning pitcher: Francisco Rodriguez) beat the Astros, 10-9, in a rather wild affair. Figgins had an amazing game that day, one that would be hard to match in Mets history. * He had six hits in six at-bats, something a Met (Edgardo Alfonzo) has only done once. * And he had a walk-off triple, also something that the Mets have only had happen once (Cleon Jones). Figgins has five walk-off hits in his career, and we're a fan both of that one, and the one from August 10, 2008. That one came

Sixty, Count Em Sixty (Part VI)

The final part in our series on the top 60 regular season home runs in Mets history. To read the full series, click here , or on the "Best Mets HR" label at the bottom of this post. 10- Carl Everett, September 13, 1997 (#4,040) I know that there are home runs that ranked lower on the list for which you could make a good argument that they belong higher, but I really, really, really like this home run. To reset the circumstances: The Mets were trailing the Expos 6-0 with two outs and two men on base in the ninth inning. Roberto Petagine scored two runs with a single, and then hits by Luis Lopez and Matt Franco loaded the bases with two outs. The odds against a comeback when you're down 6-0 with two outs in the ninth inning are astronomical, but given that Everett is a man with significant doubts about the astronomical (he believes the moon landing was faked), I'm guessing that he neither cared nor realized that the chances of success were minimal. On a 3-2 pitch, Evere