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A Man In Search of a Walk-Off

I shall ruminate on Chan Ho Park at another time, but I have a personal matter I've been wanting to write about lately, so hopefully you'll indulge my perspective on that. Those who know me know that one of the passions that keeps me going through the winter months is broadcasting small-college basketball. It's something I've been doing for the past decade, since my college days and I get great enjoyment from it. I have broadcast baseball, football, soccer, field hockey, ice hockey, softball, and lacrosse as well, and have enjoyed my experience in those, though for whatever reason it seems that basketball is the best fit for my skill-set. I've had the pleasure of calling the game-winning field goal in a national championship, a home run to cap a six-run ninth inning rally on Opening Day, and a winner-take-all overtime goal in an ice hockey regional final. But I've never called a walk-off shot in a basketball game. As a connoisseur of fine broadcasting, I have a

Hammer Nails One

With all the hullaboo over Barry Bonds that's sure to come this spring and summer, lest we forget the accomplishments of home run king Hank Aaron, who turns 73 this February 5. Super would seem to be an appropriate word to describe Hank Aaron as a hitter today and Aaron performed quite well against the Mets, hitting .295 with 45 home runs against them. The 650th home run of Aaron's career came on June 13, 1972, and it came in a game that would probably still bug us to this day, had we been around to see it. The Mets at this time were in a battle for first place in the NL East, legit contenders or so it seemed based on early-season success, so each game was rather vital. They entered against the Braves having lost seven of 10 and clinging to a tie for first by a thin thread. The result that followed was probably not all that surprising given the circumstances. The Mets had control of this game through the first seven-and-a-half innings. Tom Seaver homered in support of his effor

Our Special Bonds: Perfection, Imperfection, and Johan (Answers)

Answers to the trivia quiz posted February 5, 2008 1-(Name the Met who went 8-0 in 1999, including a walk-off win against the Yankees) That would be Pat Mahomes , best remembered by me for standing out on the mound, making sure to wish the pitcher who relieved him good luck after being pulled in Game 5 of the 1999 NLCS. 2- (Name the Met who went 6-0 in 1984, who was well known for winning games of extraordinary lengths) That would be Tom Gorman who was the winning pitcher in the wacky 19-inning Mets-Braves game of July 4, 1985. 3- (Name the Met who was 7-0 for the 1992 Braves, whose first name started with P) That would be Pete Smith , who finished his career with a rather imperfect 47-71 record. 4- (Name the Met who went 7-0 in 1987 and was traded for a "familiar voice") That would be Tim Burke , who was not only once traded to the Mets for current broadcaster Ron Darling, but was also involved in a