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2009: The Year in Fistbumps

2009 Mets Fistbumps List Awarded to the players who were key contributors in walk-off, walk-up (bottom 8th) or walk-down (top 9th/10th etc) wins. April 17: Omir Santos April 17: Gary Sheffield May 8: Jon Niese May 8: Ken Takahashi May 8: Bobby Parnell May 12: Francisco Rodriguez May 14: David Wright May 15: Omir Santos May 23: Omir Santos May 23: Mike Pelfrey May 23: Ramon Martinez May 29: Gary Sheffield May 29: Omir Santos May 29: Mike Pelfrey June 5: Tim Redding June 5: Sean Green July 2: Fernando Tatis July 2: Ryan Church July 2: Brian Stokes July 27: Fernando Tatis August 1: Angel Pagan August 16: Mike Pelfrey August 16: David Wright August 16: Daniel Murphy September 4: Bobby Parnell September 12: David Wright September 12: Pedro Feliciano September 25: Cory Sullivan

The Mets Walk-Offs Player of the Year

I have no interest in awaiting the results of the weekend's games, so I'm declaring the winner of the First Annual Mets Walk-Offs Player of the Year competition right now. This year's recipient is Omir (President) Santos. Being named the most valuable player on this team is an honor of which VERY few are worthy, but I find that Santos is the most deserving. Santos received four fistbumps this season, with those being awarded to the player whose contributions were extremely valuable to a walk-off, walk-up (bottom of 8th) or walk-down (top of 9th/extra innings) victory. Santos made his 2009 debut in the Mets first walk-off win of the season. With runners on first and second and one out in a tie game on April 17 against the Brewers, Santos did the best possible thing he could, without getting a hit. He dribbled a grounder too slow for the Brewers to start a double play. Milwaukee could get only one out, and the Mets subsequently won the game on Luis Castillo's base hit. Th

Good God, K-Rod...

Just when you think you've seen it all... Walk-off loss #388. Think that's the 7th walk-off grand slam the Mets have allowed (2nd to the Expos/Nats franchise)... That's about all the energy to check notes that I have right now.

New Domain Name Alert: Back to Blogspot

Hello Due to a variety of circumstances, I no longer own the domain "" The domain expired, was auctioned off, and purchased by someone else. They can do with it what they wish. For the time being, I am now going to stick with what we were originally A little harder to remember, but if you bookmark it, you should be ok...if I change the name, you will end up getting redirected to the new link. My apologies for your inconvenience, and if there's a lesson to be learned here, it's "Check ALL e-mail accounts you've ever signed up for, regularly."

One Singular Sensation

Please read Part III of my "Most Metmorable HR Series" here ... A total of 66 Mets contributed to the club's home run annals by hitting exactly one home run for the team. How did Frank Taveras celebrate his 500th plate appearance as a Met? By homering against Mike Lacoss on August 18, 1979, a game the Mets would tie on a 9th-inning home run by John Stearns, only to lose in walk-off fashion (Dave Concecpcion, double). Taveras would get 1,083 cracks at home run number two, only to come up empty on each occasion. Taveras greatly outdistances Bob Bailor (867 plate appearances) in terms of home run unlikelihood. Some may recall Bailor's sole effort of herculean clout as a Met against the Phillies, on April 13, 1983. Most probably want to forget it, since that's also the day Bo Diaz beat Neil Allen with a walk-off grand slam. This is a list that is chock full of middle infielders, like Tim Fol

Sixty, Count Em Sixty (Part III)

Here at, there are 2 kinds of lists we really like- the bests and the worsts. Sunday, Pat Misch became one of the worst pitchers ever to throw a shutout for the Mets. That's another ranking for another time. For now, we'll continue along with our weekly Monday feature, ranking the best 60 regular season home runs in Mets history. #51-60 can be found here #41-50 can be found here Today, we present the next 10 in our countdown. 40- Gary Carter, Darryl Strawberry, Kevin Mitchell, July 27, 1986 (#2,435, #2,436, #2437) Remember when the Mets used to beat the snot out of the Braves? The Mets went 49-23 against Atlanta from 1984 to 1989, including a win on this date. Poor Rick Mahler had the misfortune of going through the primary years of his career during that stretch. He lost to the Mets 12 times in 14 decisions, includ