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Showing posts from September 23, 2007

Let's Try This Again Shall We

Passed by a bunch of news vending machines today and one of the freebie mags had David Wright and Jose Reyes on the cover, with recipes of theirs and Willie Randolph's favorite meals. I believe the mag was titled "Good Health." It was right next to the New York Observer bin, which had a cover story of Randolph saying something to the effect of "I like the stress." And I found myself asking: "If I wanted good health, why would I be a Mets fan?" But I digress. For some reason today, I'm having 1999 flashbacks and I remember that not only did the Mets sweep their final series that season, but they also got significant help from the Brewers. The Reds were 2 games up on the Mets with 3 games to go and were playing in Milwaukee that night. While Mets fans suffered through the trauma of an extra-inning affair that eventually went there way, the manner in which the Brewers beat the Reds was equally amazing. The Reds were ahead 3-1 in the 8th inning of thi

Tempting Fate Or A Glutton For Punishment

I was at Shea Stadium for the Cesar Cedeno HR in 1985 I was at Shea Stadium for the Terry Pendleton HR in 1987 I was at Shea Stadium for the Yadier Molina HR in 2006 Some might say I'm a jinx. I think I'm due. See you at the ballpark. (My apologies for not writing more, but this is my busiest time of year work-wise)

The Minutiae Number is 5

"You don't even know what a Wright-off is, do you?" -- Jerry Seinfeld to Kramer in an episode discussing some bit of minutiae I do!! I do!! It's what we'll call Sunday's game-winning hit against the Marlins by the man with the Magic Number. I've provided advertisements for David Wright's MVP candidacy in this space before, but after Sunday's victory, I feel the need to supplement some of that information. I think the appropriate definition of an MVP is someone who raises his game to another level when it matters most. How has David Wright done that? * From Opening Day through August 31, David Wright hit .319, with a .413 on-base percentage and a .534 slugging percentage. In September, he's increased himself across the board by hitting at a rate of .333/.424/.654. * From Opening Day through August 31, David Wright had 87 RBI, a pace that would have given him approximately 106 for the season. In September, Wright has 18 RBI in 20 games, a pace th