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Election Minutiae

For those curious...

* The Mets have had 214 walk-off wins under Republican rule, 142 under Democratic rule. But they've had more walk-off wins under Bill Clinton than any other president.

Mets Walk-Off Wins
By Presidential Administration

65-Bill Clinton
64-Ronald Reagan
61-George W Bush
46-Richard Nixon
31-Lyndon Johnson
28-George HW Bush
26-Jimmy Carter
20-John F. Kennedy
15-Gerald Ford

* The first African-American Met with a walk-off hit was Choo Choo Coleman. You can read about it here.

* The most successful election years for Mets walk-off wins were 1996 and 1988.

Mets Walk-Off Wins
In A Presidential Election Year
2008- 8
2004- 8
1980- 8
2000- 7
1972- 7
1976- 7
1992- 6
1964- 6
1968- 3

You Are The RazorShines of My Life

For a guy whose major-league career consisted of 81 at-bats, new third base coach Razor Shines (yes, that's his real name...Razor is a middle name, passed down in his family through multiple generations) sure has a lot of connections to the New York Mets.

* Razor made his major-league debut on September 9, 1983, and shall be forever known as "The Guy Whom Frank Howard didn't feel comfy about Tom Seaver pitching to..." Simple version of the story: Razor came up as a pinch-hitter with two men on base and one out. Howard pulled Seaver for Jesse Orosco and Expos skipper Bill Virdon countered with Jim Wohlford, denying Shines his first AB. Orosco struck out both Wohlford and Tim Raines to end the game. That, combined with a Phillies win, knocked the Expos out of first place in the NL East.

* Razor's first MLB hit came in a Mets walk-off win, on October 2, 1983, the final game of the season, and the second game of a doubleheader between the Mets and Expos. Shines batted …