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This is for all those who wonder what could have been. Let's play a game of make believe, just for a moment. Let's pretend Darryl Strawberry had, instead of signing with the Dodgers, re-signed with the Mets. Let's pretend that all the issues he dealt with- marital, financial, drug and alcohol related, didn't exist. Let's say he played six more seasons with the Mets at a Darryl Strawberry level. We can say they went something like this. .253 BA, 36 HR, 104 RBI .277 BA, 27 HR, 91 RBI .286 BA, 32 HR, 110 RBI .274 BA, 27 HR, 97 RBI .297 BA, 29 HR, 89 RBI .300 BA, 41 HR, 111 RBI You might recognize those numbers. They're the stats from the seasons in which Reggie Jackson was from the ages of 29 to 34. Let's now build in a fade to Strawberry's career, because producing at his level for 14 years definitely takes its toll. But let's make the presumption that he stayed a Met for life, and didn't have the luxury of the DH to fall back upon. We'll give


I want to look at where Dwight Gooden ranks among pitchers in Mets history, and I want to show just how much better he is than anyone who has followed him. Here's one way that we do that. Since the 1984 season began... * Dwight Gooden is your leader in Mets victories with 157. No one else has even reached 100. Most Wins for Mets Since 1984 157-Dwight Gooden 98- Sid Fernandez 98-Ron Darling >>Leader among current Mets: John Maine, 38 * Dwight Gooden is your Mets leader in complete games with 67, nearly doubling the next-closest person. Most CG For Mets Since 1984 67-Dwight Gooden 34- David Cone 24- Ron Darling 23- Sid Fernandez >> Leader among current Mets: Johan Santana, 3 * Dwight Gooden is your Mets leader in strikeouts with 1,875. No one else is within 400 of that. Most K For Mets Since 1984 1,875- Dwight Gooden 1,449- Sid Fernandez 1,172- David Cone >> Leader among current Mets: Oliver Perez, 457 * Dwight Gooden is your Mets leader in ERA, by a hair...(among t