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Showing posts from January 15, 2006

Bad for the Goose, Bad for the Gander

I think that one of the factors that hurt Rich Gossage's Hall of Fame candidacy is that he hung around the game a bit too long. Whether or not he deserves to be punished for that is a matter for another discussion, but he's topical, or was last week at least, when Gossage griped to anyone who would listen that he should have been elected along with Bruce Sutter. The freshest memory I have of Gossage is not that of the dominant, overpowering Hall of Fame worthy closer, who was one of the key members of World Series bound Yankees and Padres squad, but rather of a chunky, over the hill, overthrower who played a role in one of the weirdest walk-offs in Mets history. The game to which I am referring took place on May 19, 1989 between the Mets and San Francisco Giants. The Mets were a first-place team at that point in the season with hopes of defending their 1988 National League East Division title. David Cone started for the Flushing 9 that day and had to really battle his way throu