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Best Games I Know: Mets 7, Other Guys 5

This is part 2 of what I’d call my Silly Scores phase – You may have seen my last endeavor in which I looked at games that the Mets won 3-1 . I was born on January 31, so those numbers had some significance. I was born in 1975, so my next stop in this silliness is Mets 7, Others 5. Mets 7, Other Guys 5 has some big bops, like one from 2019 in which Wilson Ramos had 6 RBIs , one from 1966 when Ron Hunt drove in 5 , and another from 2001 when Robin Ventura hit a grand slam . There’s late-game heroics from Mookie and Fonzie and also Tony Clark . There neat quirks, like a Tom Seaver complete game and a Pedro Martinez start in which he allowed five runs and three hits, but struck out 11. And it’s good for some undeserved credit, such as when Armando Benitez got a hold for a relief appearance of four walks, one out. It’s also a good day for pitcher’s hitting – Jon Matlack had 2 RBI , Ron Darling had 3 , and Noah Syndergaard homered . But none of those were Mets enough to make my l

Best Games I Know: Mets 3, Other Guys 1

In my previous blogging days, I had a series that I called “ The Best Games I Know ” which was meant to represent the best Mets wins of a certain type. It was usually picking games against a particular opponent, though I also expanded the genre to encompass the best triples and best sacrifice flies in team history. I also did one series that I called “Bad Pitcher, Good Game” devoted to exactly that. One time, I went so far as to find the best Mets games of a certain score, because it seemed like the Mets had a historic number of amazin’ 6-5 wins . So I thought I’d try that again. But what score to do? I picked Mets 3, Other Guys 1 and I suppose the hook there is that my birthday falls on a 31st. 3-1 is about season hellos (Opening Day 2015) and player goodbyes (a famous and terrific one makes the list). 3-1 represents good days for Nolan Ryan , Ray Sadecki, Mickey Lolich , John Pacella and Wes Gardner , and George Foster , Jeromy Burnitz and Devin Mesoraco . The bad side of 3-