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Off for Remainder of Road Trip

I'm taking a little break from blogging for the rest of the week. I expect to have a new post up on Monday. Here are 5 random past entries that I liked, which can serve as your entertainment for the rest of the week Emmy-Night walk-off Playgrounds, egg creams, and childhood walk-off memories "And we've got a brand new shiny one..." "The Great American Mets Spelling Bee" "Our Old friend, John..."

Remembering '71

The 1971 Mets won't get their own night to honor their 35th anniversary, though in our world, they are a deserving group. That's because that club set a Mets record with 14 walk-off victories amongst their 83 triumphs. A 3rd-place finish, 14 games from the top, assured their status as a forgotten bunch. Monday and Tuesday mark the anniversary of this club's standard setting in the walk-off department, though such a record was not acknowledged then because the term "walk-off" had not yet been applied to this sport. We'll honor it here by recounting the events from those two contests. On August 28, 1971, the Mets did something they had never before done in their history- swept the Dodgers in a doubleheader. They triumphed in the first contest, 9-2, behind Tom Seaver, who went on to win the ERA title (1.76), and a 4-RBI game from first baseman Donn Clendenon. The second game was a closer matchup, a pitchers duel between Gary Gentry and future Hall of Famer Don Su