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Our Special Bonds: Turk Keys (Answers)

Answers to the Turk Wendell quiz of November 23, 2007 (the day after Thanksgiving) Questions here: 1- The former Met 1B with the highest career BA vs Wendell: Not John Olerud, but Rico Brogna , who hit .714 (5-for-7 with 3 walks) 2- The ex-Met 2B and SS who hit walk-off HR vs Wendell in 2000: Jeff Kent and Kevin Elster. Those were 2 of 8 walk-off HR allowed by Wendell in his career. 3- Who gave up Turk Wendell's last hit? Former Met (and Rockie) Masato Yoshii. 4- Losing pitcher in Wendell's first win, a former Met: Congratulations and welcome to ultiMet geekhood if you knew the answer was Wally Whitehurst . 5- 0-for-8 with 6 K vs Wendell. Mark (50 HR at Shea) McGwire. 6- 1-for-24 vs Wendell. Wendell was originally drafted by the Braves, and thus the answer to the question is Andruw Jones .

Happy Thanksgiving Minutiae!

Thank you for reading... * David Wright's favorite sandwich is one with Turkey, from Subway. He had 3 walk-off hits and a walk-off sacrifice fly for the Mets last season, which earned him a significant enough raise such that he should be able to afford a better bird today. * Turk(ey) Wendell had 7 walk-off wins with the Mets. He also had six walk-off losses for them and one walk-off loss against them. * Happy 52nd birthday to former Cardinals backup catcher Glenn Brummer, the last person to win a game with a walk-off straight steal of home (1982). Also, happy remembrances to the family of Clarence Jonnard, also known as "Bubber." Born on this day in 1897, Bubber was a Mets scout, who signed, among others, Ed Kranepool (6 Mets walk-off hits), Ken Singleton ( a walk-off sacrifice fly) and Mike Jorgensen (3 Mets walk-off hits, including a grand slam) * The last walk-off "turkey" I can remember watching was on the PBA Tour, when Parker Bohn III (I once interviewed

Thou Shalt Welcome Thy Newest Met

At the risk of offending some for whom aspects of religion are sacred, I'm going to try to have a teensy bit of fun with the signing of the man for whom the letter I is occasionally dropped from his first name. Hopefully you'll be forgiving because it's the holiday season and you'll find this somewhat entertaining, as you did with my welcome to New York for Mr. Green, aptly titled " Happy Shawnukkah. " With that warning, I offer up The Commandments on how to properly root for this recent acquisition. Thou shalt say thy name properly It's MOY-zes ah-LOO, not MOY-say as was oft said by those of French background when Alou was with the Expos. Also acceptable, with an asterisk is MOY-zes ah-LOW, as that is the proper un-Americanized pronuncation, as noted by Giants broadcaster Jon Miller. Of Moises Alou's 13 career walk-off "somethings" (12 hits, 1 walk), the first 6 came as a member of the Expos. Of the 12 walk-off hits, seven are home runs. Tho

Most Valuable Metsie Revisited

They will be announcing the Most Valuable Player awards over the next two days, and for the 45th consecutive season, a Met will not be among the winners. The Mets should fare better this year than most, with Carlos Beltran likely to place within the top five, and Jose Reyes and David Wright probable to receive a significant apportioning of votes. But to be realistic, there's no chance of them being among the victors, as Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols figure to duke it out in a pretty tight race. It may just be the Beltran Bias/Bitterness in me, but if I had to pick a Most Valuable Metsie of 2006, I'd go with Jose Reyes, though it's a difficult selection to make, as one blogger recently wrote. It's hard to argue with picking Beltran, so if you choose to go that route, I won't disagree and I won't begrudge you. We just differ. My pick is primarily based on gut instinct, from having watched, listened to, or absorbed the details from every game this season, because