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Rice Putting

By the time you read this on Monday, Jim Rice should be a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. I think he's deserving. There is an ongoing debate regarding Rice's Hall worthiness among members of the blogosphere and the mainstream media, and I tend to fall in line with the supporters. I'm a hair too young to have followed Rice when he was at his most dominant, but from what I've read, he was the kind of player who made you say "Oh , we've gotta face him today." That litmus test works for me. I'm excited for Rice's induction, but not for reasons you think. I'm psyched because it will add another notch to Neil Allen's baseball belt. Yes, you read that last sentence right. I uttered it because Neil Allen is my all-time favorite Met. In 1983, not long before Allen was dealt for Keith Hernandez, to show my fanhood, I wore a t-shirt with Neil's rookie card on it, and got to meet him at a baseball card show. Neil was incredibly nice about it