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Rosh To Judgment

In celebration of Shawn Green and the holiday of our people, a few nuggets worth sharing. * Wednesday was the 4th time in Shawn Green's career that he won a game with a "walk-up" hit (defined as a tiebreaking hit in bottom of 8th inning), his first since July 1, 2004. * It was the first of those four hits to be a single. He had a home run and two doubles previously. * It was the third time the Mets won a game this season via walk-up RBI and the second time they did so against the Braves. Lastings Milledge got one on a 2-out single July 14 to beat the Reds, 2-1. Moises Alou hit a walk-up home run on August 8 to beat the Braves, 4-3 in a game better remembered for Billy Wagner "tighroping" (surviving bases loaded, no outs) the 9th inning. The 3 walk-up RBI matched the team's total from 2006 * With 2 more hits against John Smoltz, Green is now 19-for-35 against Smoltz in his career and that .543 batting average is his best against any active pitcher he's f

Our Special Bonds: I'm Keith Hernandez (Questions)

Wednesday is the 22nd anniversary of one of my favorite regular season walk-off wins and since I don't feel I could write it any better than this I'm going to use it as a means of segue to ask some trivia about a favorite, whose base hit won that game, for whom there's a short film out bearing his name, and who has taken some flak from local media for spending too much time goofing off in the booth. So without further ado, let's get to some Keith Hernandez trivia questions. As always, mucho thankyous to, without which such frivolity would not be possible. Answers here: 1) Keith actually shortchanged himself on the air the other day, claiming he only he had one multi-homer game in his career. That wasn't true. He had three, and his first was against the Mets. But getting back to the t