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Showing posts from November 9, 2008

Alicea in Wonderland

For a guy who was such an ordinary player, new Mets first base coach Luis Alicea was pretty good at this walk-off thing. Eight times in his 13-season career, Luis Alicea won a game with a walk-off something. That account includes three sacrifice flies and five singles, which is a pretty decent ledger for an MLB tenure. A couple of neat Mets-related twists to his walk-offs. * The first of those 3 walk-off sacrifice flies came against Mike Maddux and the 1993 Mets. Alicea did a nice job battling back from an 0-2 count before smacking a liner to center that plated future Met Todd Zeile with the winning run. * Alicea also had two walk-off RBI against pitchers who pitched for the Mets- Ricky Bottalico in 1996 and Pat Mahomes in 2001. * Among those whom Alicea has driven in via walk-off: current Mets Fernando Tatis (in 1998!) and Carlos Beltran (2001). True Meticea know... Luis Alicea hit .181 against the Mets and .177 at Shea Stadium in his career. His one home run against them was a game-