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The JourneyMets

The Mets signing of Ron Villone is historic for this reason. If Villone pitches in a major league game for the Mets, he ties Mike Morgan's record for most franchises played for in a career. The Mets would be Villone's 12th team, joining... The Mariners, Padres, Brewers, Indians, Reds, Rockies, Astros, Pirates, Marlins, Yankees, and Cardinals. Two other former Mets have played for 11 teams: Todd Zeile and Rick White Three other former Mets have played for 10: Tommy Davis, Bob "Righty" Miller, and Roberto Hernandez.

Games are Good

On the first day of the season, Luis Castillo had 4 RBI * A Mets second baseman has not had 4 RBI in a regular season game since Damion Easley against the Brewers on May 13, 2007. They went all of last season without a 4-RBI game from a second baseman. * The Mets have had 43 regular-season games in which a second baseman had 4+ RBI, so that averages out to slightly less than one per year. * The Mets second baseman with the most 4+ RBI games in regular-season play is Edgardo Alfonzo with 8. * Among the luminaries with a 4+ RBI game as a Mets second baseman: Danny Garcia, Kelvin Chapman, Luis Lopez, and Roberto Alomar. * The Mets record for RBI in a regular-season game by a second baseman is 7, by Jose Valentin On the second day of the season, Jose Reyes had a six-RBI game. * A six-RBI regular-season game by a Mets shortstop is extremely rare. It has only happened twice in Mets history, and you'll never guess the pair who did it: Dick Schofield (1992 vs Giants) and Jerry Buchek (1967

Renney Days of Winter

In the seven seasons before Tom Renney took over as head coach of the New York Rangers, they failed to make the postseason, and never mustered more than 80 points. In Renney's three full seasons as head coach, the Rangers managed at least 90 points in each instance, and made the playoffs on each occasion. With the Rangers in sinking-ship mode, they fired Renney earlier this week, the first of two walk-off moves by the MSG suits, with Stephon Marbury's buyout being the other. Marbury was rightfully shown the door. He hit the equivalent of a grand slam. In his time with the Knicks, he wrecked * Head coaches * Executives * Ownership * and the fan base Renney was wrongfully let go. His misfortune was being the victim of unfair expectations and lousy upper management. In each of the past three postseasons, the Rangers lost to a team that was better than them. And they were legitimately better than the pair of teams whom they beat. You could say that the Rangers didn't overachiev