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Sixty, Count Em Sixty! (Part IV)

Better late than never...continuing our countdown of the 60 best Mets regular-season home runs. 30- Carlos Beltran, September 28, 2008 (#5,915) The last good thing that happened to the 2009 Mets was their last home run in 2008. This was supposed to be the home run that was going to make the closing of Shea a great day- a two-run game-tying shot against Marlins starter Scott Olsen, in the sixth inning. It was supposed to be the home run that erased the memory of that last at-bat in 2006. It was supposed to be the home run that would springboard the 2008 Mets into the postseason. It was not. True Mets home run historians know...Carlos Beltran has the Mets lead for most home runs against the Marlins, with 18. Mike Piazza is next with 16, David Wright is next with 12, followed by Jeromy Burnitz with 10. 29- Howard Johnson, September 10, 1985 (#2,317) The home run that put Howard Johnson on the map as a Met was this one. The Mets and Cardinals entered their 136th games of the season tied in

Save The Best for Last

We'll resume the home run countdown in the next two days, but wanted to pass along some kudos to Angel Pagan and Nelson Figueroa. * Angel Pagan is the 10th player in Mets history to have at least two doubles, and a triple, in the same game. He can thus be linked to, among others, Duffy Dyer, Joel Youngblood, and Alex Ochoa. As for Figueroa... * He's the 5th pitcher this season to strike out 7+ in a walk-free shutout, allowing four hits or fewer. The other 4: Tim Lincecum Josh Beckett Aaron Harang Jonathan Sanchez (in his no-hitter) * He is the 15th pitcher in Mets history with that sort of start (SHO, 7 K, 0 BB, <=4 H), the first since Johan Santana against the Pirates on August 17. As my dad said: "We should have pitched him in the last game of the season in 2007 or 2008."