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Don't Torture Yourself, It's Not Worth It

* Walk-Off loss #368, 3rd of the season * First time the Mets have lost 2 games in a series via walk-off since dropping a pair to the Twins June 8 and 10, 2004 * First time they've suffered 2 walk-off losses in a series against the Phillies since September 4 and 7, 2003 * Fourth time the Mets have scored 10+ in a walk-off loss. The last was July 23, 1996, when the Rockies beat them, 11-10, on Eric Young's walk-off single. * The other two such games were May 26, 1994, against the Pirates (11-10) and May 6, 1995 against the Reds (13-11). The common thread that those share with Thursday's loss is that in both of those games, the Mets had a 9th-inning lead. Do you really need to know any more?

Stupid Chalk-Offs

Oh, and add Paul Lo Duca to the list of those who need to be defensively replaced at the end of games. * Walk-off loss #367 was the 2nd this season, with both coming on home runs. The other was by Brewers outfielder Geoff Jenkins on July 31. * It's the 38th of those walk-off losses to come against the Phillies, with the last coming on May 9, 2006 on Aaron Heilman's throwing error. * It's the 15th time that the Phillies have beaten the Mets on a walk-off home run. Phillies Walk-Off HR vs Mets Last 25 Years Bo Diaz 1983 Luis Aguayo 1987 Dickie Thon 1989 Von Hayes 1989 Kim Batiste 1993 Bobby Abreu 2004 Ryan Howard 2007 * The Mets are now 7-2 in games decided by walk-off this season. Do you really need to know any more?

Taking It's Stole

I've been wanting to write an ode to the stolen base for the last week or so, since the Mets have been thefting with such regularity recently, and today seems like a good time to do so. (Cap-tip, as per usual, to ). The Mets had a franchise-record tying stolen base streak snapped at 11 games with Monday's loss to the Phillies. Those who have read my previous tributes to the walk , the double , the slow Met , and to the ball which you can't tell is fair or foul ("chalk-off"), will hopefully garner an appreciation from some of these nuggets. * Jose Reyes holds the Mets record for steals in a season with 71 (and counting). Mookie Wilson's club record of 281 figures to go down next season. * The most steals by a Met in a season without getting caught is 21, by Kevin McReynolds in 1988. Manny Alexander's 11 in 1997 rank second. In fact, Manny holds the Mets career mark for steals without getting caught, with 11. * Vince Coleman and Roger