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Showing posts from March 5, 2006

2 links to check out

I'm still in once-a-week mode, probably until the last week of March when some other obligations lessen. Next posting likely either Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, a new movie is opening up. The film takes place on October 25, 1986, a subject with which we are quite familiar. Link is here at I'll probably write about it when I get around to seeing it. That could be this weekend, or it might be a few weeks away. Also, a friend told me that Bobby Valentine is now a blogger. His website is Check it out, and hopefully when he sees he got hits from a link called "Metswalkoffs" he'll come by and check this site out.

Farewell, Kirby Puckett

If you say "Game 6" to a New York Mets fan, he or she knows immediately that you're either referencing the 1986 National League Championship Series or the 1986 World Series but will have to ask you which because the stories of both are equally astounding and amazing. If you say "Game 6" to a Twins fan, there's only one contest to which you could be referring. A more appropriate title would be "Kirby's Game." If I was going to rate the World Series I've seen in which my native city was uninvolved (DQ'ing any Mets or Yankees participation), the one that took place in 1991 would rank at the top. That's easy to say from a blogging perspective because the series featured four walk-offs, including one by the Twins in the final game, a contest that should rank among the best baseball games ever played. That Game 7 never would have been played were it not for what took place the night before, which should be considered as one of the best on