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Is Yorvit Torre-able?

Apparently he isn't. Forgive me if I'm not jumping up and down about the Yorvit Torrealba signing, as I'm generally resistant to change. My feeling was that if Jorge Posada wasn't signable, the next-best option was to Keep Paul Lo Duca. You'll recall that when I did an analysis of who could catch for the Mets in 2008, my ringing endorsement for Torrealba was that he was "better than Brian Schneider." And this move doesn't exactly console me for what happened at the end of the 2007 season. lists Torrealba's most similar player as Jason Phillips and it looks like Torrealba is a candidate to join Phillips on the all-slow footed Mets team we drew up a couple years back. Torrealba hit into 19 double plays, struck out 73 times, and hit .201 with runners in scoring position in 396 at bats last season, so that means he's gonna kill his share of rallies. I'll put it this way: I won't be upset any time Ramon Castro draws th