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Our Special Bonds: 2007 World Series (Questions)

Going away for about 10 days or so (maybe a little less). May try to post once while I'm on the road, but don't count on it. In the meantime, try out a quiz on the 2007 World Series and its relationship to the Mets. Answers here: 1) Among pitchers Todd Helton has had more than 10 plate appearances against in his career, his highest career batting average is against this former Met, who pitched against the Rockies on Opening Day, 1995. Name him. 2) Name the Red Sox regular, who homered off a former teammate, giving his team a walk-off win against the Mets on May 29, 2004. 3) This former Mets and Rockies pitcher held Manny Ramirez to 1 hit in 10 career at-bats when the two faced each other (including postseason). He struck Ramirez out 4 times. Name the pitcher. 4) Terry Francona hit 1 career home run against the Mets. It came in 1985 against a pitcher better known for pitching in only one game for t