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The delight is in the details

By clicking on this link, you promise to continue coming to this site and supporting us in your Mets walk-off and minutiae endeavors. It is provided as a public service, for those curious. It's a list of every Mets regular-season walk-off (minus the "asterisk" game), indexed by player, from 1962 to 2005. The information was compiled by someone with major "Retrosheeting" skills and is part of a site that contains not only a list of walk-offs, by player, by team, but a great deal more entertaining information. Enjoy, but not too much!! Those who Chase the Mets know... That since hit streaks will be talked about a great deal these next 3 days (see Chase Utley, 35 games, ongoing) we can tell you that the only Mets player to have a walk-off hit in the midst of a hitting streak lasting 20 or more games is Cleon Jones, whose 14th inning walk-off triple (a one of a kind occurrence in Mets history) beat the Phillies on September 10, 197

E Blogger

Whoops... I made a mistake in my previous post, since corrected (i hope). here's the link to it...

'Ham and Cheese

version 2.0 I hope Marlins fans appreciate the rarity of what they saw on Tuesday night, a pinch-hit come-from-behind walk-off HR by rookie Josh Willingham against Billy Wagner.. By my count: In the history of the New York Mets, they've never won a game on a pinch-hit walk-off come-from-behind HR by a rookie (note all the parameters). Originally, I thought there was one, but I misread my notes and a few readers were kind enough to point out the error. I can tell you that I believe (based on my notes) the last time a Mets rookie hit a come-from-behind walk-off HR, it was hit by Mookie Wilson on September 20, 1981 and came against recently inducted Hall of Famer Bruce Sutter. Although it was not a pinch-HR, it met the other criteria. Here's the link to the story The truly Metshugenah know... The Marlins actually didn't have a walk-off HR in 2005. It's fairly rare in Mets history for the team to skip a y

Shouldering the Burden

The 2006 Mets aren't the only squad in team annals that had to deal with shoulder woes. On April 29, 1969, Jerry Koosman suffered a shoulder injury while pitching against the Montreal Expos, noting that something snapped like a piece of elastic. The resulting tenderness sidelined Koosman for nearly a full month, but the good news was that he returned as good, if not better than ever. In his first start back, on May 24, against the Houston Astros, he allowed 2 runs and 3 hits over 7 innings, in what turned into an eventual 5-1 defeat. In that era, there was no hesitation, once a pitcher was healed, to throw him fully into the fire. Koosman's next start came on 3 days rest, on May 28, against the Padres. The Mets had lost five straight and while there were promising signs of progress there were also indications that this was going to be a troublesome season. If there was any concern over whether Koosman could handle the physical and mental pressure, it was erased with this game,

Basking in the Glow

No post today, other than to offer kudos to the Flushing 9 on a job well done. True Metlines know... I can tell you that, since 1985, no player obtained by the Mets in a July 31 trade has ever had a walk-off hit RBI for them.