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Mets Top 100 Home Runs: No. 1 Mike Piazza Gives New York A Reason To Believe

In 2009, I did a project for my website, Mets Walk-Offs and Other Minutiae, celebrating the best home runs in Mets history. I selected the top 60 regular season home runs and the top 15 postseason home runs. The reason I picked 60 was because it represented the top 1% of home runs in Mets history (and 15 just felt right for postseason). This was fun to do, but it was imperfect. I had one egregious omission. I tended to favor oddities. It’s time to give that project an update. And why not do it as a top 100? The Mets have hit 7,671 regular season home runs. The top 80 represent about the top 1%. And the top 20 postseason home runs get us to an even 100 to celebrate. We've reached the No. 1 regular season home run. You probably knew what it would be for a while.  This is a hard one because I’m not sure what I can tell you about this home run that you haven’t already heard. It’s No. 1 on the list for a reason. It resonates with Mets fans and baseball fans. And it