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Our Special Bonds: I'm Keith Hernandez (Questions)

Wednesday is the 22nd anniversary of one of my favorite regular season walk-off wins and since I don't feel I could write it any better than this

I'm going to use it as a means of segue to ask some trivia about a favorite, whose base hit won that game, for whom there's a short film out bearing his name, and who has taken some flak from local media for spending too much time goofing off in the booth. So without further ado, let's get to some Keith Hernandez trivia questions. As always, mucho thankyous to, without which such frivolity would not be possible.

Answers here:

1) Keith actually shortchanged himself on the air the other day, claiming he only he had one multi-homer game in his career. That wasn't true. He had three, and his first was against the Mets. But getting back to the two-homer game he referenced. It came on April 26, 1988 and the second home run was against former Met Charlie Puleo. Who (of Met significance) was the first homer of that game against?

2) Speaking of home runs, Hernandez had 162 in his career. Against which former Met, who had a greatly significant couple of games against the Mets, did Hernandez hit his most home runs- 6?

3) Keith Hernandez has the most 5-hit games in Mets history, with 3. Name the two other Mets who had 2.

4) Twenty five years ago today (September 12), Keith Hernandez had a 15-game hit streak snapped. It was his longest hitting streak as a member of the Cardinals. Which mediocre Mets pitcher snapped Hernandez's hit streak and pitched a complete-game three-hitter that day?

5) Lefthanded pitcher Gary Lucas hit only one lefthanded batter in the regular season in his major league career- Hernandez. He hit a lefthanded batter in the postseason and that batter played a significant role in Mets history. Name him.

6) Keith Hernandez played in one major-league game in Yankee Stadium. Among his teammates that day were two former '86 Mets, and a current Met. Name any (or all) of the three to which I'm referring.

7) Keith Hernandez was a 42nd round pick in the 1971 MLB Amateur Draft. In that draft, the Mets picked 14th in the first round and selected a player named Rich Puig. The next pick in the draft hit a lot of home runs, but faced the Mets in the postseason and didn't hit any. Name the player whom the Mets passed up.

8) What Hall of Famer was the first pitcher to strike Keith Hernandez out three times in one game?

9) Against which Hall of Famer did Keith Hernandez hit his only World Series home run?

10) Keith Hernandez went 0-for-9 or worse in his career against 4 major-league pitchers. One of the pitchers in that group is a former Met and at least Hernandez can say he reached base via error against this pitcher. Name him.


Anonymous said…
Friday night is Keith Hernandez mustache night at Shea. Glad to see he's finally getting the recognition he deserves.

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