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Links Last updated: Thru November 5, 2006 (will update again in near future, really)

And so we begin (Hobie Landrith)
Who's the Ross? (Ross Jones)
Cliff Notes (Cliff Floyd)
Hendu can Do(Steve Henderson)
Hendu Part II
Name in the News (Esix Snead)
Inspired by Charles Schulz (Howard Johnson)
Rocky Mountain High (Ron Swoboda)
A Father/Son Walk-Off Memory (Dropped Popup, 1986)
Dyer Straits for No-No Nolan (Duffy Dyer)
Win like Flynn (Doug Flynn)
His Old Friend John (John Stephenson)
Let's Hear it for Mr. D'Agostino (1969/This Date in NY Mets History)
Bring in Yoshii (Mets/Yankees)
Walk-off Hype (Gregg Jefferies)
Moonlight Mets (Rodney McCray/Kenny Greer)
The Walk-Off That Wasn't (Blown umpire call)
Kenny Rogers Roaster (Robin Ventura)
Fireworks Knight (Ray Knight/1986)
Clairvoyance, Prognostication and Walk-Offs (Predictions)
Boston Bean Party (Daryl Boston)
Don't Call Him Iron Mike (Mike Vail)
You Gotta "Boo-lieve" (Mike Piazza)
Crying Uncle (Kevin McReynolds)
A Schilling Drilling (John Olerud)
Juan and Done (Juan Samuel)
Baseball's Been Jerry Jerry Good to Me (Jerry Buchek)
The Day The Braves Hopes were Dashed (George Foster)
Worth the Wait (Jeff Reardon/Alex Trevino)
Who's Sarah Bernhardt (1969, Jerry Grote)
A Shiny What? (Carl Everett/Bernard Gilkey)
Sherry, Can You Come Out Tonight (Norm/Larry Sherry)
Mookie-Proof (Mookie Wilson)
Metscellany (Chris Woodward)
Joltin' Joe (Joe Foy)
Young and the Restless (Anthony Young losing streak)
Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Tommie Agee)
The Torre Story (Joe Torre as manager)
Curtain Call (Duke Snider)
Baseball Burn (Jeromy Burnitz)
On the Other Hand (Tony Clark)
I was a walk-off baby (NY Knicks)
Fog-Off (1979 non-walk-off)
Tommie Terrific (Tommie Agee and the Mets HOF)
Pinch Me (Rusty Staub)
About Last Night (Walk-off Walks and such)
Rico Suave (Rico Brogna)
A'Maz'in (Lee Mazzilli)
Out of the Harkness (Tim Harkness)
A Favorite of Mine (Neil Allen and walk-offs)
Neil's Deal (Neil Allen Part II)
Walk-off King (Dave Kingman)
Hick with the Stick (Jim Hickman)
This'll Make You Feel Better (Dodgers walk-offs)
A Perfect Walk-Off (Walk-off to thwart perfect game)
A Walk-Off Most Foul (Shawon Dunston, Game 5, 1999 NLCS)
Didja Ever Notice?? (1986 WS Game 6 Part I of many)
No Average Joe (Joe Orsulak)
An Ode to Playgrounds and Egg Creams (Keith Hernandez, 1985)
More Fun Than A Trip to the Dentist (Keith Miller)
Knock on Wood(ward) (Chris Woodward)
Leftovers (More Chris Woodward)
Minutiae Break: Worst Relievers Ever (Bad Mets relievers)
A-Mays-Ing (Willie Mays bunt leads to win)
Didja ever notice the look on his face? (1986 WS Game 6 Part II of many)
The Marvelous One (Marv Throneberry)
Stars in Alignment (Howard Johnson, 3-run comeback in 1990)
Oh Doctor! (The sad story of Dwight Gooden)
Mr. Ed (Marathon walk-off umpire Ed Sudol)
Fat Albert(o) (Alberto Castillo)
Grand Theft Baseball (Tim Teufel)
Didja Ever Notice: Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs (1986 WS Game 6 Part III)
The McRae List (Tough-to-watch Mets)
Getting Your Phil of Labor Day Wins (Labor Day win vs Phillies)
Now Playing (Billy Baldwin)
Knockahoma on Wood (Walk-offs vs Bad Braves)
Tomahawk Mock (Mets come back repeatedly to beat Braves)
Boswell that Ends Well (Ken Boswell, 1969)
The Summer of False Hope Begins (1980 Part I)
The Summer of False Hope Continues (1980 Part II)
The Summer of False Hope Lives (1980 Part III)
Cake for the Knee (Feel-Good Mets Stories)
Jerry and the Mets (Ending 1995 on a high note)
The Best Walk-Off Emmy Goes To... (Walk-Off on Emmy Night)
Didja Ever Notice What They Wrote? (1986 WS Game 6 Part IV)
Ball on the Wall Remembered (Mets-Pirates in 1973)
Season Wreckers (Mets wreck 1976 Pirates)
Miggy Poo (Miguel Cairo)
Donn Clendenon, RIP
Trees in the Forest (Joel Youngblood)
Minutiae Break: The Slowest Mets (inspired by Mike Piazza)
The Bells are Ringing (Mike Piazza vs Trevor Hoffman)
I Want My Turn at Bat (Game 162 in 1999)
Spoilerfest (Craig Brazell)
Monster Mike (Piazza hot streak started with walk-off)
A Giant Finish (Piazza vs Giants)
Mets Walk-Off 2005 in Review
Managerial Maneuverings Minutiae (walk-offs vs fired managers)
The Other Monster (2004 ALDS remembered)
Didja ever notice how the telecast ended (Game 6, 1986 WS)
More Managerial Maneuverings (Jim Leyland)
Skate-Offs (Hockey walk-offs, 1986 Rangers)
Mets Moments Missed (Todd Pratt, 1999 NLDS)
Minutiae Break: The Agbayani List (Misspelled Mets)
A Heightened Perspective (Lenny Dykstra, 1986 NLCS)
I Kid You Not (Gary Carter, 1986 NLCS)
Didja ever notice: Bill Buckner's evolution (1986 WS Game 6)
Didja ever notice: The other goats (1986 WS Game 6)
Blum's No Bum (WS hero was a Mets walk-off goat)
Walk-Off Collision (Dave Parker and a play at the plate)
Roger the Codger (Roger McDowell)
Haiku for You (Mets/Yankees rivalry poetry)
Houston, We Have a Walk-Off (Knicks playoff win)
Didja ever notice: The other walk-off of Oct. 25 (1911 WS)
Going, Going, Gary (Gary Cohen calls a walk-off)
Gary Cohen's favorite walk-offs
Most Valuable Metsie (Mets and the MVP ballot)
The Mets Stiffo Rap (Humor in Bad Mets)
Cameron Yards (Mike Cameron)
Simons Says (Doug Simons' first win)
Del-GONE-O (Carlos Delgado walk-off HR)
The Long and Short of It (Rangers/Knicks walk-offs)
The Little Engine that Could (Choo Choo Coleman)
The Little Man and the Billy Goat (Tike Redman and Billy Wagner)
Rondezvous with Destiny (Ron Hodges)
The Duca of Earl and Walk-Offs (Paul Lo Duca)
'Rud Awakening (John Olerud)
Jose Can You See (Jose Valentin)
Needle in the Haystack (Julio Franco)
Minutiae Break: Cup of Soup Mets (Best 1-year Mets)
Walk-offs in Movies, TV, and other places
Keep Me in the Looper (Braden Looper)
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Opening Day/Beltran)
Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful
(cold weather walk-offs)
Then Dreidel I Shall Play (Elliott Maddox)
Santa Klaus is Coming to Town (Bobby Klaus)
On the Mendy (Endy Chavez)
On 'Gardo (Edgardo Alfonzo)

Hanging Chads (The Jets)
Heave-Ho (More on the Jets)
New Years Metsolutions (Mets fixes to problems, a brief history)
Racin' Jason (Jason Phillips)
Apparently, I Still Hold a Grudge (Duaner Sanchez)
Boone Boon (Bret Boone)
Making His Mark (Mark Messier)
Bad for the Goose, Bad for the Gander (Beating Goose Gossage)
Julio Cruise (Jorge Julio)
Happy Birthday to ... (January 31)
Didja Ever Notice: The Most Amazing Walk-Off of 1986 (Dick Schofield)
Doubting Thomas (Frank Thomas, the ex-Met)
It Gave Me The Willies (Willie Randolph)
Rickey Being Rickey (Rickey Henderson)
Charles in Charge (Ed Charles)
Oliver Twist (Darren Oliver)

Farewell, Kirby Puckett (Kirby Puckett)
Hold on to the Bannister (Brian Bannister)
World Baseball Walk-Off (Tsuyoshi Shinjo)

Fortunato Cookie (Bartolome Fortunato)
Lastings Impressions (Lastings Milledge)
Lastings but Not Least (More Milledge)
Walk-off Madness (Division III basketball)
The Minutest Minutiae (Silly trivia)
Florence Metengale (Don Florence)
Roger and Out (Roger Mason)

You Think I'm Fooling? (April 1 edition)
For Openers (Opening Day, Joe Torre)
Seconds Please (Game #2 walk-offs)
The Debut (Debuts I have seen)
Agony to Ecstasy Finishes (Game-ending tag plays)
Double Your Pleasure (10,000 Mets doubles)
Are You Going to Finish That? (David Wright)
Plink Floyd (vs Floyd Bannister)
Didja ever Notice the Player of the Game (Game 6, 1986 WS)
Dojo Domination (Gary Carter)
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (Pedro Martinez)
It Could've Happened (Bob Brenly 4 errors, walk-off)
The Life of Brian (Brian Giles, the Met)
Like Father, Like Uncle (The Alous)
One Small Step For Mets (Beating Barry Bonds)
Walk-Off Vacation (Walk-Offs I've Seen on Vacation)

Feeling Thrown Off By What Just Happened? (Win by pitcher error)
Name Dropping (Hal Reniff wins)
Walk-Off Trivial Pursuit (Carlos Delgado HR)
Delayed Attribution (Rob Gardner wins)
Well, What Do You Know (Notes from a walk-off)
5-Hit Minutiae
From Gamesaver to Lifesaver (Kurt Abbott)
B-I-N-G-O (Binghamton Mets walk-offs)
You've Got To Know When To Walk-Off (Don't leave your seat during play)
The Blogs Are Made for Walking (Walk-off walk in '62)
Rulebreaker walk-off (Doug Flutie memory)
Every Game Counts (Mets/Yanks in '62)
Charmed! (David Wright beats the Yankees)
Pool Play (Ed Kranepool)
Gak-Offs (Bad losses)
The Beltran Tolls for Thee (Beltran HR in 16th)
Save the Last Dance (David Wright beats the Braves)
Shea-ing In Pain (Pedro/Brandon Webb, 1-0)
Trip(le) Through Time (Walk-off Triple)
Stuck Everlastings (Lastings Milledge safe at the plate)
First of Many (1st HR Minutiae)
Roger the Dodger (Wanted: Roger Clemens)
Taking Inventory (where we stood at one year of blogging)
A Year To Remember (Memories from 1st year of blog)
Eli's Coming (Eli Marrero)
Mets Blowouts and Other Minutiae (Big wins)
Four Play (sweeping the Braves in '63)
Kaz Smear (Kaz Matsui)
How Often Does It Happen Part 1 (How often do walk-offs happen?)
How Often Does It Happen Part 2 (More on that)
Not To Rain On Your Parade (Kevin McReynolds)
Ken Iffy (Beating Griffey Sr.)

Swing and a Drive (Baseball, golf, and 1-down to 2-up)
Pitching In (Estes vs Clemens)
Reyes/Wright minutiae

Operation Walk-Off (Derek Bell)
The Milners Tale (John Milner)
Didja ever notice: did you know? (Mookie for Stanley?)
Hitting in a Pinch (Pinch HRs to tie)
Mets/Yankees Haiku (More of it)

Walk-Off Piracy (Stealing one from PIT)
Mac The Knife (Walk-off grand slam)
Step to the Mike (Mike Pelfrey)
PIT-y Me (Dreadful All-Star experience)
Speaking in Tongues (Benefit of sticking out your tongue)
Big Inning Minutiae
Birthday Bash (Walk-off on your birthday)
'Berry Worried About Beltran (Shea Stadium struggles)
'Hanks You Very Much (Actors check out Mets game)
Equal Opportunity Nitpicker (more on Shea struggles)
Cubbie Hole (Beating the Cubs in '69)
Smith and Messin' (Beating Lee Smith)
Walk-Off Lament (An almost walk-off)
Valiant Valentin (Jose Valentin walk-off hit)
The Lost Continent of Atlanta
Shouldering the Burden (Jerry Koosman injury)
'Ham and Cheese (Josh Willingham impersonation)
Piazza Delivery (Mike Piazza vs Mets)
Welcome Back, Buddy (Fan favorite returns)
Oh Ricky, You're So Fine (Ricky Ledee)
The Impossible Has Happened (Walk-off DP)
Stuart Markowitz is a Met (Michael Tucker)
Didja ever notice the potential Knightmare (Ray Knight takes ill)
Bragging Rights (Darren Bragg)
The Umpire Strikes Back (Bruce Froemming)
The Quickies (Quickest walk-off wins)
A Mitch In Time Saves Nine (Kevin Mitchell)
Oy Vey, What a Game (Carlos Beltran HR beats STL)
Me and Julio Down by the Ballyard (Julio Franco birthday)
Ya Gotta Deceive (Vince Coleman)
Happy Shawnukkah (Shawn Green)
Remembering '71 (1971 Mets record for walk-off wins)
Laborious (Long walk-off wins)
The Last Straw (Darryl Strawberry)
Yes siree, Bob ('69 Bob Gibson)
Tomahawk Stop (Beating the Braves)
Secret Gardenhire (Ron Gardenhire)
Division Clinching Minutiae
Days in a Year (365 walk-off losses)
Possible playoff preview: Dodgers
Possible playoff preview: Padres
Possible playoff preview: Cardinals
Possible playoff preview: Astros
Quite Frankly, My Blog is Rather Dusty (Frank Robinson & Dusty Baker)
NLDS Predictions
NLDS Game 1 Minutiae
NLDS Game 2 Minutiae
NLDS Game 3 Minutiae
Pre-NLCS Minutiae
Mets-Cardinals Rivalry Minutiae
The Best Games I Know: Mets vs Cardinals (Top 10)
NLCS Predictions
NLCS Game 1 Minutiae
NLCS Game 2 Minutiae
NLCS Game 4 Minutiae
Cris-tal Ball (Chris Carpenter/Cris Carpenter)
Didja ever notice: The Magic of Game 6
To-Do List (Offseason Plans)
2006 Walk-Offs In Review
It Don't Mean A Thing If You Ain't Got That Swing (Beltran and strike 3)
2006 Minutiae
My favorite Metmorabilia

Links last updated thru November 5, 2006


Anonymous said…
In '78, i couldve missed it on the list but ed kranepool hit a ph 2 run walk off hr vs montreal in a come frm behind 6-5 mets win, i think it was off stan bahnsen but not 100% sure. Steve henderson's 2 run hr in 8th pulled it to within 1 run

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